Beating The Index: Weekend Edition

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and news from around the web.

Today’s GDP numbers will be THE variable to watch. Will the S&P 500 be going below the 1100 level? The outcome will most probably set the tone for the day. IF the numbers come lower than expected, it should not be really surprising as we’ve been hearing it all over that the recovery is slowing!

Midway Energy reported a loss for the quarter. Let’s see how the market will be treating it today!

Here’s a list of interesting readings for the weekend:

#1 Couple living, in a small space

Kevin @Invest It Wisely discusses the intricacies of living as a couple in their new apartment.

#2 China overtakes Japan as No.2 economy: FX chief

I hope nobody is surprised! It’s a matter of time before they climb to the number 1 position.

#3 Economic growth seen slower in Q2 on imports

If the GDP number comes out lower than expected, I think we might see triple digit losses today.

#4 Commodities gain financial ground

Do you believe that the worst of the recession is behind us? Sentiments change so quickly…

#5 Carnival of Personal Finance #267 at Beating Broke

Beating Broke hosted Carnival #267 with links to numerous interesting articles.

Have a great weekend!

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