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Beating the Index is run by a passionate team of writers that brings you news, opinions and features in the world of investing, personal finance, and business!

Details on each news category is as follows:


What started off as coverage of oil and gas deals in Canada has expanded to all areas of investing in the wider North American and European region. From foreign exchange to commodities and Exchange Traded Funds, find our opinions, news and analysis in this section. Check out our Investing category now!

Personal Finance

We’re not just investors, we’re individuals with jobs, mortgages and student loans just like you! That’s why we strive to keep our personal finances in check and want to encourage and guide you to do the same! Here we talk about our experiences in Insurance, Mortgages, Credit Repair, Student Loans and more. Check out our Personal Finance category now!


A large portion of our readership are business owners or just individuals interested in business. We occasionally get expert advice on best business practices and their opinions based on years of business experience. In this section you can find advice on best practices, latest developments, and business news. Have a read of our Business category now!


Where ever a certain topic doesn’t fall into once of the business and finance-related categories above, you can expect to find it here. We recall hilarious anecdotes, give life advice and just gripe about our first world problems. Join us and our stories in the Life category¬†now!