4 Ways to Humanize a Business Brand

Human beings love making connections. We’re social creatures, and it’s no wonder that we delight in interacting with other like-minded individuals. The problem that many business owners face, though, is that consumers don’t think of their company as a collection of capable and friendly professionals, but rather as a nameless, calculating corporation. The good news is that it’s possible to alter those perceptions and make your brand more appealing and approachable to your consumer base.

Here are four effective ways to humanize a business brand: 

Introduce the Team

Naturally, if a business owner wants to humanize their company’s messages on social media and beyond, one great tip for getting started is to introduce their team members to the world. Give your employees the opportunity to speak their mind in an “about us” video, and encourage them to be candid, open, and honest. Plus, sharing your team’s accomplishments and credentials with the rest of the world is a great tool for boosting staff morale and motivating your employees. Adding them to your company’s website would also be a great help in introducing them to new clients.

Lighten Up

A lot of businesses shy away from sharing memes or creating humorous content on their social media pages. And some companies may have a very good reason for avoiding any light-hearted, flippant material. Yet, the vast majority of companies can and should use humor to delight and amuse their audience. If you can get a consumer to laugh, odds are they’ll be more inclined to listen to what you have to say about serious subjects later. But you also need to be careful about how you use memes, a little laugh is okay but don’t overdo it as it might make consumers view your business as a joke.

Respond to Questions, Concerns

Automated chat services can be beneficial when used effectively, but sometimes businesses need to deploy a human touch. Believe it or not, consumers really do appreciate it when an actual human reaches out to address a question, comment, or concern they presented to a company. A simple, straightforward response can go a long way toward winning a customer over. And not just being available, customers love it if they think and know that the customer service of business really cares and has the intent to really help you.

Share Your Stories

Even the most technically advanced and complicated businesses have stories that everyone can relate to. As such, companies shouldn’t be afraid to explain why they decided to develop a certain product, or how a certain professional managed to arrive at their current position. In addition, companies may also want to describe how their customers find success with their products. Consider a business like BEE International, for instance. BEE develops high-pressure homogenizers, but they use their blog to talk about the practical applications of those homogenizers, which include everything from producing hand lotion to CBD infused products. 

Remember, every company can create content that resonates with their customer base with a little hard work and TLC.