3 Signs an Employee is Thinking About Jumping Ship and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Did you realize that American businesses lose nearly $415 billion each year due to low productivity levels? The only way to address productivity issues is by hiring on motivated and hard-working employees.

Once you get the right team in place, your main concern should be keeping employees happy. Neglecting to notice employee relation issues early on can lead to you losing valued team members.

Generally, you will notice a number of warning signs when an employee is thinking about jumping ship. The following are some of those signs and what you can do to keep a valued employee happy and motivated.

  1. An Employee is Complaining About Being Exhausted

Do you have an employee that constantly complains about how overworked they are? If so, you need to address these issues immediately. Employees who feel like they are being neglected are far more likely to seek out another job.

If you have scheduling software by Humanity in place, you can easily look to see how many hours the employee in question has been working. Giving them a bit of paid leave may be the motivation they need to stay with your company and give you their all.

Sitting down and talking with the employee is a great way to figure out where their head is and what they think is needed to improve their work situation.

  1. Frequent Absences Can Be Problematic

When an employee is on the fence about whether or not to take another job, they will usually miss a lot of work. Getting mad about these absences will only push an employee further away. Resolving these attendance issues will require tact and reasoning.

Letting the employee know that you have noticed their absences is the first thing you should do. After this initial contact, try to sit down one on one with the employee. During this meeting, you should just come right out and ask them what issues they are having with your company.

Usually, the employee will be honest about their issues.

Once you have heard what their problems are, you can try to figure out a way to resolve them quickly.

  1. A Noticeable Change in Attitude

Have you noticed a drastic change in an employee’s attitude? If so, it may be because they are disgruntled and in the process of finding a new job. Often times, changes in attitude will happen as a result of a person getting passed up for a promotion or not getting a raise they feel is deserved.

If employees in your workspace are angry and disgruntled, this will lead to a variety of moral issues. Instead of letting these issues persist, you need to work hard to resolve the issues your employees are having. While you may find it difficult to confront an employee about their attitude, it is essential when trying to restore peace in your workspace.


Simply ignoring employee problems will come back to haunt you in the future. Working to resolve these matters in a timely and comprehensive manner is essential for the continued success of your company.t is also good know if you’re employees are still enjoying their work, communication is a must in avoiding future conflicts that can make or break a company.