2011 Stock Picking Contest: Q1 Results

Earlier this year I was invited by fellow bloggers to a friendly stock picking competition where each blogger picks 4 stocks (or ETFs) they think will outperform in 2011. Well the Q1 results are out and it’s not looking great for yours truly given what the oil and gas sector went through in March.

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 The Financial Blogger 12.41%
2 Million Dollar Journey 12.16%
3 My Traders Journal 11.77%
4 Where Does All My Money Go 5.13%
5 Beating The Index 3.08%
6 Intelligent Speculator 1.66%
7 Dividend Growth Investor 1.43%
8 The Wild Investor 0.28%
9 Money Smarts -1.7%

Stock Picks Review
Skywest Energy (TSXV:SKW)
YTD ROI = -5.80%
SKW is suffering from the same blues most of the oil stocks are suffering from. Nothing wrong with the company and I truly believe they will double their NAV by year’s end by substantially increasing their production during the year.

Arcan Resources (TSXV:ARN)
YTD ROI = -24.3%
Investors have been playing ping pong with ARN as a pipeline incident and general market conditions re-priced this stock lower into more of a humbler valuation. I am still bullish on ARN and would love to pick up some shares this summer. They have the oil, they’re making the money at $100 a barrel and it’s a matter of time before a premium price creeps back in.

Bowood Energy (TSXV:BWD)
YTD ROI = -19.17%
BWD still holds a lot of promise as one of my favorite Alberta Bakken plays. The speculative run is over and now the market is waiting for results. They are currently drilling with their JV partner so positive results are necessary to power the next leg up.

Reliable Energy (TSXV:REL)
YTD ROI= +50%
REL is my biggest holding and I am glad it is shining following a bloody month. REL is only in the beginning of its journey and I expect it to trade higher by the end of this year. They are currently drilling a vertical test well in Montana that is being closely watched.?? Results will be a huge catalyst in the short term and execution throughout Q3 will build a solid foundation for a higher share price.

I am still confident in my picks based on my investment thesis for each stock as long as the global economy doesn’t slip back into recession because of some black swan event. It’s only the first quarter and I am really banking on the year end results in this competition.