2010 Canadian Oil & Gas Top Performers

Time to take a look at 2010′s top and bottom performers in the sector. The top performers are clearly highlighted by their oil oriented focus while the bottom performers are gas weighted companies. Those shareholders who held one of the top performers through 2010 saw their shares double or more. I personally find it hard to hold for an extended period of time as increasing paper profits start to itch and end up triggering a sale simply because I am on margin. Notice I do not have this problem in my Tax Free Saving Account.

From the top performers, Torquay Oil was one of my holdings in 2010 where I bought it at $0.96 and sold it at $1.08 back in September, talk about missing a double. Many of the top performers might still have room to run or are simply potential takeover targets. Just yesterday, Nuloch Resources entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Magnum Hunter Resources, an oil and gas company based in Texas.

Pinecrest Energy was suggested by a reader of BTI, Nlr2, back in mid-September. That was a great call Nlr2 and I hope you held it long enough for the %400 mark. Looking forward to hear more suggestions from you and the other readers as well, don’t be shy!

Here’s the table for some of the top and bottom performers for 2010:

Top Performers Bottom Performers
Pinecrest Energy (TSXV:PRY) +409.1%

OPTI Canada (TSE:OPC) -67.0%

Whitecap Resources (TSE:WCP) +216.5%

Compton Petroleum (TSE:CMT) -53.7%
Bowood Energy (TSXV:BWD) +185.7%

Diaz Resources (TSE:DZR) -50.9%
Torquay Oil (TSXV:TOC.A) +145.3%

Culane Energy (TSXV:CLN) -50.7%
BlackPearl Resources (TSE:PXX) +133.5%

Cequence Energy (TSE:CQE) -46.2%
NuLoch Resources (TSXV:NLR) +133.3%

Ember Resources (TSE:EBR) -38.3%
Surge Energy (TSXV:SGY) +128.9%

PetroBakken Energy (TSE:PBN) -32.8%
Wild Stream Exploration (TSXV:WSX) +121.8%

Cinch Energy (TSE:CNH) -30.7%

Twin Butte Energy (TSE:TBE) +121.7% MGM Energy (TSE:MGX) -29.8%
Paramount Resources (TSE:POU) +115.5%

NuVista Energy (TSE:NVA) -25.9%

As for the bottom performers, don’t dismiss them just yet as they might surprise you in 2011. Cequence Energy which I have bought and sold profitably has started a nice recovery since the beginning of the year as they are drilling in Alberta’s Deep Basin targeting liquid rich natural gas while Compton Petroleum might be sitting on a highly prized land package in Montana which could propel it to the foreground in the coming weeks. Many of the natural gas weighted companies can turn into top performers in 2011 if natural gas prices stage a substantial recovery into the $5-$6/mcf range. I am hoping one of my current holdings comes out in the top performer category of 2011!

Are you considering buying into any of the stocks above? Why?