How to Boost Your Income the Fun Way

If you find yourself falling short at the end of every month, and perhaps in need of a little more disposable income, rest assured that there are many options that don’t include begging your boss for a pay rise or dipping into your savings.

Take on a lodger

A lodger is classed as someone who rents a room in your home without having any property rights. When advertising, there are several online flatshare websites that will give you the ability to list your spare room, explain what kind of lodger you are looking for and upload photos, too.

Once you receive a response, it is commonplace to have an initial meeting to unsure that the lodger is right for you and vice versa. Once you’ve found someone who will fit into your household, it is best to go over the tedious yet important details from the start, not forgetting to come to agreements over things such as food, laundry and household chores. Consider a written agreement for rent and be clear of any extra costs, i.e. parking. Once you have all of the boring details out of the way, hopefully you can start enjoying the extra company!

Turning a hobby into a local class

Whether you love dancing, martial arts or meditation, you’ll probably be surprised at the local interest if you voiced your plans of starting a weekly class. Talk to your local community centre, or find out where other local classes are hosted. Whilst this will be enjoyable, remember that you need to earn some extra money. It’s advisable to charge rates that are affordable but more than cover the cost of renting out a room and any equipment.

Customise clothes to sell online

If you have a creative flair that isn’t being exercised, and you’re handy with a sewing machine, why not make some money from it? For preparation, trawl the internet and magazines for inspiration, go to a local haberdashery for cheap material and talk to your friends to bounce your ideas off them.

Many eBay shoppers are eager to discover one-off, unique items of clothing, so make sure you clarify that what you’re selling is hand made and one of a kind! Alternatively, you could always make your own jewellery.


Whether you’re a budding blogger, potential photographer or closeted writer, you can almost always find a demand for your talent.

Depending if you have a niche in mind, you can send of work to specific magazines and possibly get paid after a few submissions. Alternatively, by setting up a blog you can offer advertising space to earn some money. Just ensure to keep the optimum balance between your work and advertising, so as not to drown your content with advertising.

Car boot sales

When you think of a car boot sale, you may envision cold, damp mornings stood over a wobbly table, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Car boot sales are what you make them, so take a clothing rail for ultimate organisation, a colourful throw for your table and rope in your most entertaining friend for a good day of money making. And don’t forget – car boot sales are a great place to pick up bargains of your own, too.

So Much More by Taking Simple Steps

Finding ways to dine in can also help you balance frugality with fun. Having a potluck with friends, or even cooking dinner as a group, can be a lot less expensive than going out to eat — and everybody can take home leftovers. Consider a movie night, or a poker night. Collaborate with your friends to find ways that you call can save money, and still have a great time together.

But getting out of the house is important too. Many community centers offer low-cost activities for their residents. They provide everything from art classes to sports groups for a low fee. For your workout needs, check out your nearest YMCA, and find out if their rates are lower than a private gym. Your employer may also help you get a discount on YMCA membership.

While figuring out how to balance frugality with fun can require more forethought, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop spending entirely. If you make little extra effort to find deals and spend less, you’ll be able to find a middle ground between frugality and fun.

5 comments to How to Boost Your Income the Fun Way

  • gibor

    Mich, why EGL.UN dropped sharply today..? looks like Q3 financial results were not bad…

    • Mich

      gibor, I am currently not a shareholder in EGL so I haven’t studied their Q3 report. But last time I checked their all in payout ratio was way over %100.

  • I think I’m going to teach some tennis to high schoolers in the afternoon once a week for fun and extra income. I need to get outside everyday or else I’m not as happy.

    Hope all is well Mich. Whatcha been up to? New Yakezie Member posts have been published recently. Come say ‘hello’ if you have time.

  • Teaching a hobby is a great idea. It’s a great way to share what you love and get a little cash out of it. Turning your hobby into a full time job, however, can be a bit more dicey. What was once fun can become a lot less so when we put income generating pressures into the mix.

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